Current Projects

Feeding the Sheep:
The Foundations of Mormon Practice: Sacraments, Authority, Gifts, Worship

This volume will be a sequel to Wrestling the Angel: The Foundations of Mormon Practice. It will be focused on ecclesiology, i.e., the theology of the church as institution, and will cover such topics as

Expected publication date: spring 2017, Oxford University Press.

Mummies, Manuscripts, and Making Scriptures:
The History and Controversies of the Pearl of Great Price

(with Brian Hauglid)

The Pearl of Great Price is at the focus of the most pressing controversies involving Mormon theology and Mormon history today, including disputes over the historicity of the Book of Abraham, conflicting versions of Joseph Smith’s visionary accounts, and the viability of Mormonism’s professed anti-creedalism. At the same time, the study will impact issues far beyond the scope of Mormon Studies, including questions of canon formation, the sustainability of creeds in the modern church, and the survival of enchanted worlds in a secular age.

Table of Contents:

Expected publication date: early 2018, Oxford University Press.

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